Welcome to MPI Middle PA Chapter
Welcome to MPI Middle PA Chapter

President's Corner

Lutricia EberlyHello MPI Middle PA Chapter members and friends:

Our board regularly hears from MPI how impressed they are with our chapter and at our recent board retreat we decided it was long overdue to share that information with you!

Here’s a testimonial I received from global, about Middle PA:

  • MPI Middle Pennsylvania Chapter is quickly becoming one of the premier chapters for the association in North America.

  • The board of directors strives to exceed the annual goals given to all MPI Chapters in North America. Early projections of the total number of responses to the Annual Member & Chapter Satisfaction Survey align this chapter with other chapters much larger, like Chicago Area and New England.  The high number of responses is an indication that the Middle PA members are engaged and care deeply about the overall health of the chapter.

  • So far in 2017, MPI Middle Pennsylvania Chapter is leading the North American Chapters in growth of membership.  With a 5% growth in population over the prior fiscal year, this success is a testament to the top notch education and networking opportunities the volunteer board is providing the local meeting and events community.

In addition I’d like to add that all chapters are measured on 5 key components each year.  Based on our level of achievement with these components, we receive incentive points and each year Middle PA has consistently achieved the most incentive points possible.  Incentive points are based on net member growth, member satisfaction (based on yearly survey), financial stability, volunteer engagement, and education satisfaction.

Thank you for being a part of our successful MPI Middle PA community!

Lutricia Eberly


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